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AUREA – work in progress

AUREA work in progress 2020


Inside Art

There is no one, there is nothing around you. You are immersed in your personal universe, a world that becomes real, born from the union of ideas, imagination, vibrations that might originate from carefully chosen music coming from the background. Hands become the intermediary between two spheres: “the inner one and the outer material one” …carving, sculpting or working on a drawing are a … Read More Inside Art


“How to Become a Sculptress”

Interview with Biljana Petrovic for the web magazine “Arancia Rosa”   How to Become a Sculptress? A few words with Biljana Petrović, a professional artist. Serbian by birth, Italian by by citizenship , Biljana studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Initially enrolled in the painting department, the artist began to observe the work of students of sculpture at the academy, which … Read More “How to Become a Sculptress”


Art Breda 2018

  ART BREDA 2018 ‘Equilibrium’ by Biljana Petrovic Second best ArtFair in The Netherlands and Belgium. Welcome! VIDEO  


Hidden Frequencies

“Hidden Frequencies”   Clay and plaster models for the upcoming bronze and marble sculptures height 92cm click on images to enlarge


Selfies with My Art

Selfies with My Art   click on images to enlarge

Equilibrium video

Equilibrium bronze sculpture on iron leaf dimension: 120cm x 82cm x 85cm 2014 go to Equilibrium images


Studio Work

Studio Works   click on images to enlarge